Youth Ministry

The purpose of student ministry at Heritage Church is really the same as the purpose for every ministry at Heritage Church: to nurture Christians willing to embrace and relish the full supremacy of Christ in all of life, for the rest of life.  Here are some of the priorities and ideas we are currently working through.

  1. Immersing teenagers in life-on-life, transformational relationships with several godly adults,
  2. Drawing teenagers into a web of rich, intergenerational relationships in the congregation, and
  3. Equipping and supporting parents as those parents take first place in spiritual leadership.
  4. A plan for assisting students as they make the transition from high school to college/trade school/military.
  5. A complete strategic planning process for student ministry, including a team-based approach to implementing major student ministry events.
  6. A practical plan for mobilizing students for missions.
  7. A plan for discipling/mentoring students whose parents have not met Christ—while other students are being led by their believing parents.

There are three main meeting times for the youth:

  • Sunday School: 9:30 AM Sunday
  • Cultivate: 6:00-7:30 PM Sunday
  • Multiply: 6:30-7:45 PM Wednesday

Sunday School breaks into Middle School and High School groups while walking through a book of the Bible.

Cultivate is our student leadership meeting time. Any student is welcome as we work together to promote spiritual growth through the studying of the Word of God, discipling and offering challenges for how to live out their faith.

Multiply is our large group time where we fellowship together while studying the Word of God, encouraging one another and spread the Gospel so others might come to faith.