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College & Careers Ministry

College students are the world’s “powerful percent.”  Collegians are
just 1% of the world, but they have the potential to shape, influence,
and strategically impact the world for Christ in ways that no other part
of society can. They are the most reachable, recruitable, trainable,
and sendable people on the planet. We want college students at Heritage Church to share this vision.

We like to think of our college group as more of a lab than a lecture.  Our discussion format allows us to explore the truths of Scripture together as well as to witness how the Lord is living His life through us.

Our desire is to recognize the gifts we each have been given and to see them operate, not only in the body of Christ, but also in ministering to the world around us. We have much to learn about these things, and we welcome new faces and new voices that love the Word of God, are seeking to know Him more fully and desire to make Him known.

Our prayer is that you become an integral part of our church family. We need the gifts the Lord has given you to build up our body, as well as to minister to the world around us. And if, after 4 years, the Lord leads you to move on from Shawnee, we hope that you will be better equipped in your walk of faith and that you will become an integral part of another local body.